Our History

It all started in 1990 when Jeff Paxton Sr. founded Paxton Contractors Corporation with an old pickup truck, a backhoe, and a dream. With Jeff’s vast knowledge and expertise in the field, what started out as a dream is now a booming business. Over the past two decades, Paxton Contractors Corporation has been busy digging Hampton Roads one job at a time and striving to keep the hometown values that the company was founded on alive.

Today, Paxton Contractors continues to make dreams a reality. We proudly employ over thirty people and our fleet contains over fifty pieces of heavy equipment that makes it easy to finish jobs on time and within budget. We offer a unique, turnkey site package that can be easily customized to fit any client’s needs. Our skilled staff can offer both the customer service that you get from a hometown contractor and the expertise you get from an industry leader.

Paxton Logo

1652 Pine Acres Lane
Suffolk, Virginia 23432

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